We have added an evaluation day to the schedule for U15 to accommodate registration numbers. As of now – players may NOT skate on every evaluation day. Lists will be posted at 8:30pm the day before the next evaluation day (so you don’t have to keep checking for an update on the post day). Please see the schedule below for when you should check the website , you will not get a TeamSnap notification for when your player is scheduled.

Please remember that we need parent volunteers so that everything runs smoothly. Please continue to use this sheet to sign up to help.

Not all players looking to play contact will end up in a contact tier. We will have spots for 85 contact players and have over 125 looking to play contact. Players may move up and down and in and out of contact throughout the process.

Evaluation Notes:

  • All players should be checked in at the rink 20 MINUTES prior to their ice session
  • Lists for evaluations will not appear in TeamSnap like junior divisions
  • Players will be assigned to teams at check-in for each game
  • Initial player group placement is determined by their interest in contact or non-contact, results of the contact game, position, and where they played last year.
  • Full equipment, including neck guards, are required. No neck guard, no ice time.
    • Ensure helmets and cages are appropriately tight.  The officials are also warming up for their season and will be checking on chin straps and cage straps with appropriate tightness. If your player’s helmet/straps are too loose or cage is floating, they will be asked to correct them. If they continue to have loose-fitting straps or cages, they will be asked to leave the ice.
  • Penalties – whistle blown; penalty shot taken by the fouled player
  • Egregious/major/repeated infractions will result in the referee removing the offending player from the ice

I want to remind you that we do our best to place your player in a position for success for the season based on what the evaluators see over the next two weeks. I realize this can be a stressful time. SPMHA does follow the 24-hour rule. When logging a complaint, I ask that you follow this, even though it can be hard during evaluations because everything happens so fast.

See you around the rink,


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