From Friday, December 1st through to Sunday December 3rd, Sherwood Park Minor Hockey is pleased to bring NHL Shooting and Scoring Coach Tim Turk to our association for a series of clinics for both players and coaches.

Tim Turk is an NHL Shooting and Scoring coach, who specializes in hockey shooting, passing and puck preparation & control, while also teaching the technical aspects and strategies of puck protection.
Tim has worked with 4 NHL organizations (Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning, Carolina Hurricanes, and Arizona Coyotes), and many National Programs overseas.
Tim continues to work with NHL players, but also works with many organizations, minor hockey teams, coaches and players of all ages and levels.

Tim understands the importance of shooting. His focus is on teaching the proper techniques & mechanics that will give players the knowledge and confidence to implement their skills on the ice!

What you will learn:

  • types of shot releases
  • passing and puck control techniques
  • correct body configurations
  • how to add power and speed to your shot
  • tips on recognizing goalie movements & habits
  • much more!

A testimonial:

“Tim’s scientific approach to teaching players how to shoot goes far beyond what a coach at any level has the time or knowledge to do. This includes players from Novice thru Pro. I have seen 1st hand how amazed pros are at what Tim has to offer. Any player who wants to score more goals needs to spend time with Tim. You will be amazed at what you didn’t know about the art of shooting!”

Trevor Timmins
Vice President of Player Personnel & Director of Amateur Scouting
Montreal Canadiens

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