Here is a list of the final teams and parity groups (parity games are tomorrow night).

There may be disappointment when viewing these final lists if team placement doesn’t match your expectations for this season. Strathcona County has created a video to help us when coping with disappointment and dealing with adversity. We do our best to place you where you can be successful this season and can continue to grow and love the sport.

Remember that a first practice is not indicative of how the season will go – some players may have just gotten back on the ice for the first time over the last few weeks, while others may have spent the summer in training camps. I believe that this year’s Head Coaches will make this an amazing year and this will be a rewarding season throughout the division.

  • Teamsnap invites will go out over the next few days. If you don’t get a TeamSnap invite before the team’s first practice – please check with your primary contact with the association (ie your spouse) to add you to your players profile before bombarding coaches or managers to add you to the team.
  • Please contact your head coach if you are interested in volunteering for positions on your team’s staff. They will need support throughout the season.
  • The majority of teams this year will have only 1 goaltender.

I want to thank the evaluators for their time and commitment to the evaluation process. I also want to thank the parents that helped with jersey check-in, time clock and on the benches.

Have a great season everyone,


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