If you have any questions after reviewing this post, please feel free to reach out via email (u18.director@spmha.ab.ca).  Due to the amount of flux we are experiencing at the moment, please allow up to a half day for an email response.

There is scheduled a final top tier evaluation game to evaluate the last of the 18AA releases in with our mix of top tier players in Checking.  This game will take place Sunday, October 2 at SP Shell from 20:45-23:00 hrs.  It will be a full game with 3×20 minute stop time periods, floods, and full penalties.

If you have applied to, or recently announced to me your intentions to apply to Head Coach one of our U18 teams, you should receive a call or email from me within the next couple of days as we work through team assignment and determine which players landed in which team.

I also wanted to share with you the final make up of our division.  This season we will feature 5 Checking teams (Tiers 1BC (1), 2BC (2), and 3BC (2)) and 2 Non-Checking teams (Tiers 2NBC (1) and 3NBC (1)).  Players will be assigned into one of these teams on or before Oct. 4th.

  • Oct. 2 – Final Tier 1/2 Evaluation Game
  • Oct. 3 – Tier 2 and Tier 3 Parity games
  • Oct. 4  – Team Announcements for U18*
  • Oct. 4 – EFHL Coach/Manager meeting 7:00 PM
  • Oct. 5 – SPMHA U18 Practices begin
  • Oct. 6 – SPMHA Manager Meeting 8:00 PM
  • Oct. 12 – EFHL games commence (tiering round)
  • Nov. 1 – Rosters locked, Final Hockey Alberta Hard Cards produced for teams.  Roster movement although rare, can take place up until this date.
  • Nov. 14 – EFHL Re-Tiering Meeting (no games the period of Nov. 14-25)
  • Nov. 23 – EFHL Re-tiering announcement
  • Nov. 26 – EFHL League game play begins
  • Dec. 24 – Jan. 1, 2023 – Christmas Break – no games scheduled in this period
  • Jan. 14 – 22, 2023 – Edmonton Minor Hockey Week
  • Feb. 23 – Last game of EFHL Regular Season
  • Feb. 25 – Mar. 17 – EFHL Playoffs


* Although we will announce SPMHA’s U18 rosters on Oct. 4th, potential player movement may continue to occur up until Nov. 1, 2022.  While rare, late cuts from the elite stream may continue to flow down into SPMHA’s house league teams.  While we try to avoid placing players onto teams and then moving them down when movement from above occurs, this possibility still exists.

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