Coaching Clinics & Certifications

Hockey Alberta requires that each team holds proper certifications to best ensure a positive experience for each athlete. Teams will not be approved by Hockey Alberta until all certification requirements are met. The deadline each year for these certifications to be completed is November 15th. As a coach, you are responsible for ensuring that your required certifications are current and completed prior to the November 15th deadline.  Teams whose coaches are missing qualifications will not be approved by Hockey Alberta and will not be able to continue on-ice activities past the deadline.  Coaches with missing qualifications who participate past this deadline can be subject to indefinite suspension

Coaches in Alberta have access to a wide variety of clinics and training opportunities to help develop their skills as teachers and instructors of players of all ages across the province. Below are the minimum required certifications required for team approval.  Note that SPMHA will cover the cost of any required coach clinic with the exception of Respect in Sport - Activity Leader. RIS-Activity Leader is required for ALL coaches prior to going on the ice.


Respect in Sport - Activity Leader/Coach

All registered team officials must have completed the Respect in Sport - Activity Leader Program.  For the 2023-24 season, SPMHA will be covering the cost of RIS-Activity Leader, please contact the office ( to obtain your purchase code.

Hockey Canada Safety Program

All registered teams (including Junior and Senior teams) must have a minimum of one (1) registered team official who has completed the Hockey Canada Safety Program (HCSP).