Hockey Alberta Parent Guide

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Our goal for your hockey player is that s/he wants to experience HOCKEY FOR LIFE; with a focus on a fun and positive experience and development of skills both on the ice and outside the game.

To help achieve these goals, Hockey Alberta:

  • Instructs and follows the best practices in coaching and established sport science for creating the best hockey experience possible.
  • Adjusts competition formats and training to best serve the capacities and developmental needs of children.
  • Understands that player development, is a long-term process and it takes time.
  • Focuses on fun and skill development in the early years for our players.
  • Offers skill development camps for athletes of all ages and abilities throughout the year.

A key aspect of supporting our athletes is providing resources and support for parents across the province.

Parents are encouraged to check the Hockey Alberta website regularly, under the Parents Tab, for links to articles and videos to you support your athlete.