Parent FAQ


When are elections held for SPMHA executive?

There is a special Elections meeting held in the spring, after hockey season is over. Notices for the SPMHA elections meeting are posted at least 30 days out on this website as well as in local papers and social media.

When does SPMHA host it's Financial Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

The AGM for Sherwood Park Minor Hockey is generally held in the fall. Notices for the AGM are posted at least 30 days out on this website as well as in local papers, and social media.


Why can’t practice and game times be posted for the whole season? Why are teams subject to last minute notice and last minute changes to schedules?

There are a lot of factors that come into play when allocating ice. One major issue is that the Edmonton Federation Hockey League (EFHL) releases their game schedule in rounds, with teams being re-tiered between each round.  The practice schedule cannot be set until the game schedules are set, as we must provide most of our available ice to Hockey Edmonton in our "ice offer".  Once the game schedule is set, unused ice is then returned to SPMHA and we may proceed to allocate practices. This delay affects not only our interlocking divisions but the other age divisions as well. Other factors that come into play are: tournaments, special events, U21 Crusader games and games/practices that need to be rescheduled.

Because of these processes, we are often in situations where the game schedule is only delivered a few days before the end of the prior schedule.  Rest assured that we do our best to deliver the schedule as quickly as possible, but also must ensure that the schedule is complete, fair and balanced before sending out.  Recognizing that SPMHA schedules ice for 100+ teams, we appreciate your patience and understanding.


If, during a game a player is injured, who is allowed to go onto the ice surface to help him? If a team has a designated first aid person with full training, is that person allowed to go on the ice?

For insurance reasons, it is best if only a team official attend to an injured player on the ice. A team official is someone who has been recognized by Hockey Alberta as a volunteer for that specific team and an insurance premium has been paid by the hockey association on that volunteer's behalf. The only exception to this would be a medical doctor, nurse, paramedic, firefighter or EMT which all have special coverage in regards to their specific occupation. Anyone else would have to go on the ice at their own risk. You can read more about this on the SPMHA web site in the Policies and Procedures Manual (“The SPMHA”, “Policies and Procedures”) under section 3.5, subheading 3.5.1, section a or in the Manager's Manual (“The SPMHA”, “Managers Manual”) under section 4. subheading 4.1.


Since our child’s teams plays an interlocking schedule in the city, does that mean that all of our games and practices will now be in Edmonton?

For SPMHA divisions that play an interlocking schedule with EFHL (i.e. all U9, U11, U13, U15 & U18 teams), team practices are still held at arenas in Sherwood Park as well as in other Strathcona County locations (e.g., Moyer, SOC). All home games are also held within SPMHA designated rinks. Away games will be held in the operating area of the opponent team, which includes Edmonton and surrounding municipalities, such as Beaumont, Spruce Grove, St. Albert etc.  You can expect that half of your games will be "home" games, and half will be "away" games.

Why do SPMHA divisions play an interlocking schedule with teams in Edmonton? Why don’t we continue to have an internal house league for all age divisions?

We currently operate an internal house league for our U7 Division, and have done the same in the past for our U9 & U11 divisions.  At a certain point however, it becomes difficult to operate an effective house league program internally, while ensuring that players are competing with other children of approximately equal skill levels. As a result, in these age divisions SPMHA takes advantage of the opportunity provided through the tiering system utilized by the Edmonton Federation Hockey League (EFHL) and Hockey Alberta. This system allows SPMHA to divide the players in each age division into designated tiers based on the number of available teams. Players are tiered on teams according to skill level and end up being placed within EFHL tiers with similarly tiered teams from other associations.


If a player is released from Kings Club, are they automatically registered in SPMHA? What about refunds of registration fees in that case?

The registration form that was filled out with the King’s club will be sent to the Sherwood Park Minor Hockey Registrar along with the SPMHA registration fee.  Any monies over and above the SPMHA fees will be refunded directly by Kings Club.

For players who try out with the SPKAC and are released to SPMHA, what happens to the SPKAC try out fee?

The King's Club must purchase ice from Strathcona County to hold their try-outs as well they pay the referees for officiating the games that are held during these tryouts. The try-out fee that is paid at registration goes to pay for these and is non-refundable.

If a player is released from Kings Club, are they notified when SPMHA grading will start?

Different divisional directors use different methods for communicating information about hockey grading sessions. In some cases, parents are contacted by phone and/or e-mail, while in other cases information about grading groups and times is posted to the appropriate divisional page on the SPMHA website. If in doubt, parents should contact the director for their child’s age division.


If a player moves to Sherwood Park and has played hockey in another association, either within Alberta or outside the province, can he/she simply register to play in SPMHA?

If a player has played in another minor hockey association previously, then he/she must get a release from that organization before stepping on the ice as a player in the SPMHA. This applies to grading sessions as well as team practices/games. Any questions about the procedures required to obtain this release should be directed to the SPMHA Registrar.


Our team wants to go bowling as part of a team function. Do we need a permit for this?

Teams are required to obtain a Special Event Permit for any off-ice team activity. This ensures that the team (including coaches) has insurance coverage during the event. Team managers can complete and submit a permit request form electronically through the SPMHA website. Since these permits require Hockey Alberta approval, the form should be submitted to SPMHA AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior to the event. Also, please note that requests for permits for some types of events (e.g., paintball, tubing) will NOT be approved for insurance considerations.

Our team manager submitted a request for a Special Event Permit for a paintball session. The request was not approved by Hockey Alberta. Does this mean that our team can’t participate in this activity?

No, it simply means that the team is not covered by Hockey Alberta insurance while participating in this activity. Hockey Alberta deems certain activities (e.g., paintball, tubing, some parent-child hockey games) as being high risk and therefore will not “sanction” them through approval of permit requests.

Our team has purchased an ice slot that we intend to use for an exhibition game. The ice slot is at a rink here in Sherwood Park. Do we need a travel permit?

Yes. A travel permit is required for any ice time that is not assigned to the team by the Ice Allocator (or designate). This includes exhibition games, tournament games and/or extra practices. Travel permit requests may be submitted electronically through the SPMHA website. Travel permit requests should be submitted at least one week in advance of the ice time. This is particularly important for ice slots that are outside of SPMHA’s Hockey Alberta zone (Zone 7), as these require approval by Hockey Alberta Please note that Edmonton is in a different Hockey Alberta zone (Zone 8).

Our team has booked a practice slot at the Sherwood Heights outdoor rink. Do we need a travel permit?

Yes, your team should apply for a travel permit, regardless of whether the ice time is indoor or outdoor.

Our team has booked an exhibition game against a team, using one of our practice slots. Do we need a travel permit?

No, technically you do not need a travel permit to use one of your own ice slots for an exhibition game, assuming that the Ice Allocator assigned the ice slot to the team. However, individual directors may have a division policy in place that teams should get permission before converting a practice slot to an exhibition game slot. If in doubt, please contact the divisional director.