Permit requests must be submitted at least 5 business days before the Tournament, Exhibition Game, Special Event or Practice.


  • A Hockey Alberta permit is required for any team that is travelling to any tournament (regardless of location).
  • For tournaments in Alberta, a Tournament Sanction number, obtained by the host, is required for attending teams.
  • Once a Travel Permit request is approved, an email containing the permit number is sent to the email address(es) included in the request form.
  • All tournament travel permits must have a sanction number.  Without a Sanction Number the Permit can not be issued.


  • An SPMHA permit is required for any team that is hosting or attending an exhibition game, regardless of location.
  • For inter-provincial exhibitions, an exhibition sanction number, obtained by the host team, is required for attending teams.


  • SPMHA teams require a permit for any non-hockey team event or activity (Dryland Training, Team BBQ, Waterpark, Christmas Party, Team Meal, Paintball, etc) which does not involve fund-raising.
  • If you have an on-going special event (i.e. dryland every Wed from Nov to Jan) one permit request is fine.  Specify the start and end dates, day(s) of the week, and time of day.  Include any additional information, including specific dates within the specified time period.
  • If you wish to bring out a visiting coach or player (as a coach), you may do so WITHOUT a special event permit if the coach/player is a carded member of another SPMHA, SPKAC or FUZION team, is in good standing, and if a player, is U13 aged or higher, and must play at least one Division (not Tier) above the team they are helping.
  • If you wish to bring out an U11 aged player to help coach in a lower division, you must obtain a special event permit.
  • The minor player must be in full equipment (including helmet with face mask) while participating on the ice with teams that are 1 division below theirs. This means that a U18 player requires full equipment to assist a U15 team but U13 & below they are permitted to wear at minimum a helmet, gloves, skates & track suit.


  • SPMHA teams require a permit for any non-association assigned practice held, regardless of location.
  • Recurring practices (ie. every Friday, 7pm @ Mundare Arena) can be submitted through a single permit request, but all dates must be reflected in the request.


  • Access the SPMHA Permit Application via the link below.
  • Once approval is received from Hockey Alberta, the approved permit is emailed directly to the applying team.
  • Late applications will be processed but there is no guarantee of approval prior to the start of the event.
  • WITHOUT THE PERMIT YOU MUST NOT PLAY or PARTICIPATE as insurance can be voided for injury or travel.
  • Failure to comply and participate or play without a Travel Permit can result in reprimand, suspension or denial of any future permit application. 
  • For a complete list of sanctionable events & activities, please refer to the Hockey Alberta Sanctioning Guidelines