1. Travel Permits will now be required for all exhibition games, tournaments and practices taking place outside of the member's Association boundary, regardless of zone.  This change comes out of the need to track all travel for sanctioned exhibition games and tournaments as well as for Hockey Canada Insurance purposes.
  2. Travel Permits for within Zone 7 must be received in the office ( 4 days before the Exhibition Game, Tournament or Practice.
  3. Travel Permits outside of Zone 7 must be received at least 7 DAYS before the Exhibition Game, Tournament or Practice.
  4. All TOURNAMENT TRAVEL PERMITS must have a SANCTION NUMBER.  Without a Sanction Number the Permit can not be issued.
  5. All Travel Permits must have your TEAM NUMBER which you will received once your team has been created by Hockey Alberta via your Director
  6. You can not combine Travel Permits unless they are within our Zone for practices (eg your team has additional practices every Sunday in New Sarepta 5-6 pm).   Permit applications for events outside our Zone (eg additional practices at Moyer which is outside Zone 7 every Sunday) require separate or individual submissions.f Game Sheets are not faxed in you will run the risk of not having any future Travel Permits approved.

Please Note an overview of the process:

  • Access the SPMHA Permit Application via the link above.
  • Complete the form and submit  following timelines set out above.
  • Once approval is received from Hockey Alberta, the approved permit is emailed directly to the applying team.
  • Late applications will be processed but there is no guarantee of approval prior to the start of the event.
  • WITHOUT THE PERMIT YOU MUST NOT PLAY or PARTICIPATE as insurance can be voided for injury or travel.
  • Failure to comply and participate or play without a Travel Permit can result in reprimand, suspension or denial of any future permit application. 

Electronic Game Sheets

Hockey Alberta will be utilizing electronic game sheets for all sanctioned exhibition and tournament games beginning this season.  Using the Centre Ice Portal, home / host teams will be required to upload the game sheet(s) within 24 hours from the completion of the exhibition game or tournament.  A picture of the original game sheet along with all penalties will be required when entering the game sheet.  Any infractions requiring supplemental discipline will be forwarded to the appropriate Zone Discipline Coordinator.



  1. Sherwood Park Minor Hockey Association teams will require a Special Event Permit for any non-hockey team event or activity (Dryland Training, Team BBQ, Waterpark, Christmas Party, Paintball, etc) which does not involve fund-raising or a scheduled hockey game, practice, or tournament.
  2. Requests for Special Events must be received 7 days prior to the event.
  3. If you have an on-going event (i.e. dryland every Wed from Nov to Jan) one permit request is fine.  Specify the start and end dates, frequency or specific day of the week, and time of day.  If you just put in Jan-1 to Mar 31 at GARC this will be DENIED.  It would have to be Jan 1 to Mar 31 at GARC every Wed 5-6:30 p.m.
  4. It is expected if on a Travel Permit for a hockey event, teams will not engage in any other Special Event.  If Teams are planning or organizing a Special Event except for team meals*, a Special Events Permit must be approved and issued.  Please be aware of stipulations of insurable Special Events.
  5. *If you are going for a team lunch/dinner/breakfast after or before an exhibition, regular season or playoff game YOU MUST HAVE A SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT.
  6. If you wish to bring out a visiting coach or player (as a coach), you may do so WITHOUT a special event permit if the coach/player is a carded member of another SPMHA or SPKAC team, is in good standing, and if a player, is Peewee aged or higher, and must play at least one Division (not Tier) above the team they are helping.
  7. If you wish to bring out an Atom aged player to help coach in a lower division, you must obtain a special event permit.
  8. If you have a player from a higher division coming down to help coach THEY MUST WEAR FULL HOCKEY GEAR WHEN ON THE ICE.