Referee-In-Chief (RIC)


  • The RIC is elected every two years under section 3.2.5 of the SPMHA Policies. To stand
    for election the individual must meet the eligibility requirement to be a Member under the
    Association Bylaws. In addition, the individual must have served as a senior on-ice
    official and be in good standing with North Zone Referees Committee.
  • Ensures that referees are adequately trained, supervised and assigned to only those games
    that they are capable of officiating at, for sanctioned Association games.
  • Maintains a current list of all qualified officials.
  • Serves as a liaison with Hockey Alberta and the North Zone Referees Committee on
    behalf of the Association on all referee related issues.
  • Provides advice on rule interpretations to the Executive Committee, Division Directors,
    coaches and others as required.
  • Conducts all aspects of the annual referees’ clinic.