Goalie Stick - Paddle Length

Goalie stick sizing can't be based entirely on height.  Height give you a general guideline, but it can vary from goalie to goalie depending on the stance and style of each goalie.   A very important detail when sizing a goalie stick is the paddle length.  In general, you should measure the length of the paddle from the heel's point of contact with the playing surface to the start of the handle.

It is critical to have your skates on when trying out different paddle lengths. This ensures you know exactly how the stick will feel during gameplay.

In your standing, game-ready position, the blade should be flush with the playing surface and the blocker just barely overlapping the leg pad. If the heel of the blade is lifting off the ground, go up in paddle size. If the toe of the blade is lifting off the ground, go down in paddle size.


Size Paddle Length Height Age
Senior 25" - 28.5" 5'5"+ 14+
Intermediate 23.5" - 24.5" 4'6" - 5'4" 11 - 16
Junior 21" - 23" 3'9" - 4'9" 6 - 12
Youth 18" - 20.5" Up to 4' Up to 7
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