We utilize the scale of our association to offer these development opportunities as a cost-effective alternative to other options outside of the association while accounting for team scheduling so as to minimize potential scheduling conflicts. Because of this, DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY TO REGISTERED SPMHA PLAYERS

See below descriptions or click on the registration links below to find out more.  Fall and winter starts are available.   Hurry, as space is limited!


Get a jump on the competition with our new SPARK Breakfast Club in-season development sessions!  Geared for the player that is looking to maximize their individual skills, each 1 hour morning session will provide stickhandling, puck-skills and technical skating instruction.  Sessions will make use of SPMHA development equipment including PEP apparatus', parachutes, bungees and rebounders.  Fall and/or winter start options are available.

These sessions will be aimed at U9/U11/U13 players of all abilities, and will progress your player from fundamentals through to more advanced principles & concepts.


FALL SESSIONS | MONDAY MORNINGS | 7:00-8:00AM @ MP POWERADE | Oct 2 Start | $275 (11 sessions)

WINTER SESSIONS | MONDAY MORNINGS | 7:00-8:00AM @ MP POWERADE | Dec 18 Start | $275 (11 sessions)



Power Edge Pro utilizes Reactive Countering Training™ (R.C.T.) to engage multiple motor skills simultaneously and develop a player’s small area game performance. All patterns are completed while maintaining puck control and are designed to provide 5x as many repetitions as standard drill based practices, leading to faster development of elite skills.

These sessions will be aimed at U11/U13/U15 players, or for those who have a good deal of experience with Power Edge Pro.  Due to the advanced nature of the program, it is recommended that players be from tiers 1-2.  It will focus on more advanced principles & concepts and will allow players to work through the repetitions at a pace that is appropriate to their skill level.  Not sure if your child fits?  Just ask, and our development team will determine whether Power Edge Pro is the right choice for your player.

All sessions will be led by Level 3 Certified PEP Instructors.

FALL SESSIONS | TUESDAY MORNINGS | 7:00-8:00AM @ GARC | Oct 3 Start | $275 (11 sessions)

WINTER SESSIONS | TUESDAY MORNINGS | 7:00-8:00AM @ GARC | Dec 19 Start | $275 (11 sessions)



Britney Millar is a highly motivated Master Power Skating Instructor with over 15 years of experience with both male and female athletes (hockey and ringette) ranging from Minor Hockey, AJHL, Semi-Pro, and Professional to the NHL level.

Her philosophy of Power Skating Instruction is based on error detection and correction methods she has acquired through 10 years as a Professional Power Skating Instructor and extensive playing career (Mercyhurst University - NCAA Division 1 and 9 years as a Professional Women’s Hockey Player). She does not have specific lesson plans that she follows for each session. Instead, she reads and reacts to what the players need in the moment. She has specific drills that she uses to assist players with their technique, allowing increased proprioception and overall body awareness.

FALL SESSIONS | U9/13 POWERSKATING | FRIDAY MORNINGS | 7:00-8:00am @ RRR | Starting Oct 6 | $300 (11 sessions)

WINTER SESSIONS | U9/U13 POWERSKATING | FRIDAY MORNINGS | 7:00-8:00am @ RRR | Starting Jan 5 | $300 (11 sessions)


SPMHA Goalie Skill Development is a weekly program that will give goalies the opportunity to receive specialized goalie instruction throughout the season. The program is designed to set a base of strong movement and visual skills that will be reinforced and built upon each session.  Kurtis Mucha Goalie Consulting will provide the instruction.

FALL SESSIONS | JR GOALIE SKILLS (U13 & Younger) | THUR EVENINGS | 5:45-6:45pm @ SOC | Starts Oct 5 | $275 (11 sessions)

FALL SESSIONS | SR GOALIE SKILLS (U13 & Older) | THUR EVENINGS | 7:00-8:00pm @ SOC | Starts Oct 5 | $275 (11 sessions)

WINTER START | JR GOALIE SKILLS (U13 & Younger) | THUR EVENINGS | 5:45-6:45pm @ SOC | Starts Jan 4 | $275 (11 sessions)

WINTER START | SR GOALIE SKILLS (U13 & Older) | THUR EVENINGS | 7:00-8:00pm @ SOC | Starts Jan 4 | $275 (11 sessions)


Wanda MacKinnon is the Director of both the Canskate and Power Skate programs at SPSC.  She has coached both figure skating and power skating for the past 20 years, and has worked with many hockey teams in Leduc over the past few years and has offered many camps during summer as well.  Her power skating is unique and challenging and plays an important role in an athlete’s overall skill development.  Her program does not focus on conditioning. The power skating techniques that are taught are adapted specifically for hockey and focuses on teaching the players to understand the concepts behind these techniques in order to improve and advance their level of skating. The players will be able to lengthen their stride, use less energy and skate faster! She will teach solid fundamentals such as agility, fast feet, power, quickness, speed, acceleration, transitions, coordination, edge work and control.

DISCOVERY POWER SKATING | WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS | 4:15-5:00pm @ MP  | Starts Sept 20 | $312 (13 sessions)