Sport Central is dedicated to making resources available to assist needy kids in sport across Edmonton, central and northern Alberta.

Our goal is to retrieve, repair, recycle and redistribute sports equipment and bikes to kids who cannot afford the opportunity to play.

Since 1991, Sport Central has provided safe sporting gear to over 180,000 low-income kids, enabling them to participate in healthy physical activities. We currently distribute in excess of $3 Million of retail value worth of sporting equipment each year, operating on a budget of approximately $600,000, historically with a 10 to 1 return on each dollar donated.

We believe an important part of encouraging kids to lead healthy, active lifestyles is first to enable them to get active in various fun and exciting ways. By providing sports equipment and bicycles at no cost to needy families, Sport Central makes over fifteen different sports and activities accessible to children, many for the first time.



  • Provides free sports equipment to disadvantaged youth aged 4 – 17. Children can exchange equipment they outgrow as long as the family is still in need
  • Serve over 9,000 kids per year
  • Approximately 2,100 bikes delivered annually
  • Service Area: Greater Edmonton (primary), Central and Northern Alberta (secondary), outside the Province on request
  • For every dollar donated, Sport Central delivers $10 (retail value) of equipment to kids in need
  • Operates with only three full-time staff, five part-time staff and over 60 volunteers.
  • Over 200 Agencies refer families and their children for gear.