We are writing prior to the start season to update you on some changes that will take effect in the EFHL this upcoming season in partnership with our Officials to create a safer environment and learning experience for our U9 Players. We want to thank all Coaches, Players, Parents, Officials and Volunteers for your efforts and support of our Minor Hockey Associations is paramount to our success.

  • Penalties: For all U9 games, officials will call penalties within the Hockey Canada rules. When a penalty is called, the referee will blow the whistle and a change of possession will occur. The referee will skate the player to the bench and advise the coach of the penalty, the player will be removed from the remaining shift and the team will play shorthanded. It is imperative that Coaches are ensuring penalized players understand their infraction and support the calls of the officials.
  • Coach Support of Officials: U9 team staff including Coaches and Managers are asked to support the calls of the officials. The U9 learn to play program is a learning environment for players, coaches and officials and should be treated as such. Team staff are NOT to argue or disagree with penalties called by officials and are to follow EFHL and Hockey Alberta rules and explain the violation the player made and ensure they miss their next shift.
  • Electronic Game Sheets: Great progress has been made with the U9 Electronic Game Sheet system last season in our inaugural year and roll out of the system. We do need the home teams to ensure they are selected to complete the game in the game sheet app so that it is completed on the website. Keep up the great work!
  • Game Procedures: Reminder that blue pucks and small nets are mandatory, and no scorekeeping during the games is recorded on the e-game sheets.
  • Board System Management: It is the Home Team’s responsibility to ensure the board systems are set up and in place prior to the start time of the game. For the first game of the day and the last game of the day where board systems need to be removed, we would encourage the home and visiting teams to work together for more efficiency.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to minor hockey, you continued cooperating and support are greatly appreciated!

Chris March, Commissioner – Edmonton Federation Hockey League

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